The Joint Project Carried out in Collaboration with Nano-Technology Institute of Drexel University:

Gurallar produces glasses not stained by lipstick

Leyla Ilhan Ozek, Frankfurt

Gurallar ArtCraft is preparing to launch new nano-glass products. In a joint project with Drexel University Nano-Technology Institute, Gurallar ArtCraft not only makes washing easier but also prevents formation of lipstick stains on stain- and scratch-resistant glasses in restaurants. Releasing a statement at the Glassware and House Decoration “Ambiente” Show held in Frankfurt, Germany, Gurallar Director of the Board Esin Gural Argat said that the Company allocated 2 million USD for R&D, adding, “Improvements both on the part of end-user and nano-technology have affected our decision-making in this field. So far, nano-technology was only used for glass in outer façade coverings of buildings. Thanks to this project, it will for the first time be employed in glassware.” Nano-products will be stain- & scratch-resistant.

Argat said that Gurallar was collaborating with Bilkent and Hannover Universities for the purposes of developing glass production lines through design, increasing efficiency in the current equipment, developing new types of products, and added that they had a technopark within their plants.

Targeting the US Market

Argat said that Gurallar ArtCraft exported to 76 countries, saying that they enjoyed 52 million USD export revenues in 2009, and added, “We are expecting a 15 percent increase in 2010.” Argat said that Europe was among the largest export markets, but they wanted to grow particularly in the US. She said “For these purposes, we are on the verge of an agreement with two retail chains one with 1,200 the other with 753 outlets throughout the US, and we also would like to increase our coverage in Canada.” She said that 80 percent of the exports were made with their brands, while 60 percent of production went to international and 40 percent went to domestic markets, adding, “We are trying to balance this to be 50-50 percent.”

Ambiente Show was attended by 96 Turkish Companies

Ninety-six Turkish companies attended the Ambiente Show, held from 12 – 16 February in Germany. From kitchenware to illumination, souvenirs to plastic goods, a wide range of products was exhibited. Participants included Turkish Oztiryakiler, Gural Porcelain, Pasabahce Glass, Hisar, and Arzum, 54 of which were IMMIB members while 42 attended independently. In the Cooking Show Area held in the Exhibition, Turkish cuisine was featured. National chef Eyup Kemal Sevinc offered tastings and presentations there.

The Frequency of Product Replacement in the Kitchen has Increased

Argat said that Gurallar, which employs 1,100 people, increased its capacity by 7 percent with a 5 million USD investment at the start of 2010.They realized a turnover of 110 million USD. Noting that the frequency of product replacement in kitchens has increased, she added, “In the past glasses were only replaced when they were broken.,Now, the replacement frequency has increased. Four hundred million tea glasses are sold in Turkey, which means six glasses per capita. Argat said that colored glasses increased their share on the shelves, adding that they used organic dye in those products. She observed that in some colored products from China, the heavy metal rate was high.