Changing the name of ArtCraft brand to LAV, the Director of Gürallar, Esin Güral, said: “We will continue our investments this year.”

Turkey’s second biggest glassware producer, with 33 percent market share, Gürallar has changed their brand. The company changed its ArtCraft brand to LAV. Vice President of the Board of Gürallar, Esin Güral said: “We invested 2 million dollars in the brand change. With production up to 2 million pieces per day in two production plants located on a total area of 300 thousand square meters in Kutahya, we rank 6th in the world.

In total, we export to 130 countries with 3,500 product items.

Güral said that the Company will continue to invest this year and in following years, and added:

“We believe that Turkey will overcome all kinds of disturbances. We trust in our country. I will not stop my investments.”


The General Manager of the Company, Tuğrul Baran, said that LAV aims to increase their market share by 10 percent within two years with the new brand investment. Baran added: “We are quite ambitious with our new brand in the domestic market and in exports. In recent years, we have discovered new markets so as not to suffer from the crisis in Europe. For example, we opened a sales office in the Far East. We went to South America.”