Having started its journey in the porcelain industry, Gurallar now sells glasses in 76 countries. Esin Gural Argat, Board Member, said that the Company intended to become an international chain in tourism with the “Alibey Resort”

Economy Service: Gurallar ArtCraft AS Board Member Esin Gural Argat said that they first stepped into the glass industry within the international platform in 1996 for the first time and they intended to become a worldwide brand.

In the press meeting held in Kutahya, Argat said that they had difficulty at first in establishing the technology they would use in the plant and added “When we were first established, we had a product range of four; now we are talking about 1,500 products. We are exporting to 76 countries. In 2009, we enjoyed a turnover of 100 million USD of which approximately 50 percent i.e. 51 million USD is from export. At the time being we have entered the international market with our own brand.” Argat said that they ranked second as glass manufacturer in Turkey, adding that the target within 10 years was to become second in the world.

We will trade internationally also

Argat said in the meeting that in May in Side, later in the Mediterranean Basin they would add new circles to the “Alibey Hotels & Resorts” brand of Manavgat, which they would like to turn into an international chain hotel. Argat continued:

“The Facility will employ some 500 people. Investment cost is 50 million USD. We are continuing to invest in tourism. We are focusing on the Mediterranean Basin and are planning to commission two plants abroad within 5 years. Egypt and Morocco may be the preferred locations for us. We could either construct the plants ourselves, or lease or acquire them.”