Gürallar Cam Ambalaj At Afyon Ceramics Congress 2019

As a pioneer company specialized in glass packaging designs tailored to the needs of customers, GCA attended the Afyon Ceramic Congress 2019 organized this year by the Ceramic Association for the 10th time.

Domestic and international academics, artists, designers and sector representatives working on the relevant topics came together and shared their experiences at the congress held between 14-16 October.

GCA General Manager Abdullah Gayret delivered a speech titled ‘Innovation and Future of Glass’’ at the congress where he shared important information about the past, present and future of glass. Operating in accordance with BRC/IoP Product Safety Management Systems in all phases, Gayret highlighted the importance they attach to innovation and sustainability.

GCA Research & Development team, as well as the Engineering Team who participated in the congress had a chance to follow the industry agenda first-hand.

GCA General Manager Abdullah Gayret and other participants who made their speeches at the congress emphasized the importance of scientific methods in production processes.