Agaçköy Middle School supported by GCA and LAV with Robotic Coding Trainings Participates in TUBITAK Science Fair

As the pioneers and close followers of the latest technology, GCA Gürallar Cam Ambalaj and LAV, collaborate with Ağaçköy.

Elementary and Secondary schools in robotic coding training in order to support high-tech education of young students. Due to the success of the-one-month-training held in 2018 summer term, it is decided to prolong the programming & robotics coding training throughout the year.

A total of 94 students, 42 from Primary School and 52 from Secondary School, are acquainted with robotic coding in the trainings carried out by an expert professional instructor. While the trainings are carried out for 4 days and 17 hours a week apart from the daily hours, the students are provided with an opportunity to spend their extracurricular hours productively. The project aims to help students have a deep understanding of today's ever-changing technologies to let them become the pioneers of future technologies. Additionally, it is known that development of analytical & critical thinking skills in children is crucial to their academic and social success.

The course combines theory and practice in a very effective way through its robust content which is enhanced by step-by-step instructions for practical applications. This way, students of Ağaçköy are successfully acquiring the necessary knowledge and skills that they would need through their whole lives. In these trainings, students have the chance to go through what they already learned at school in an engaging and motivating way.

Thanks to Ağaçköy project, which has generated widespread local and national media coverage, the idea of introducing children with the latest technology to prepare younger generations for the future, gains wide acceptance and similar projects with the same technology oriented growth mindset are rapidly spreading.

GCA and LAV take pride in bringing kids and technology together and will continue to support children’s intellectual and social development from early ages. We want all of them to become community oriented successful innovators in the future.

The projects prepared by the school students within the scope of TÜBITAK 4006 Science Fairs Support Program at Ağaçköy Secondary School Science Fair which took place on March 13, 2019 were exhibited to the parents of the students, officers from Governorship and National Education Directorate as well as GCA Gürallar Cam Ambalaj and LAV Professionals. Mr. Erol Güral, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of Gürallar, who participated in the Science Fair, stated “We are delighted with our children's participation and their keen interest and ability in the Ağaçköy Robotics Coding trainings aiming to attract curiosity in the fields of science, mathematics, engineering and technology. The development of future scientists depends on their encountering with such training and activities at young ages and their ability to imagine the future. GCA Gürallar Cam Ambalaj and LAV, will continue to support our youth and education as always.” “As the next step, we will be introducing vertical agriculture, one of the most up-to-date techniques in the world in agriculture, to encourage our children to dream in the light of technological developments in the field of Agriculture.” he added.