Exporting 50 percent of its glassware production, Gürallar changes its brand. The Group decides to change its ArtCraft brand name to LAV (Lava) with the aim of being a global player. Carrying out their production, sales and marketing operations under this name, Gürallar hopes to increase their market share by 10 percent in the next two years.


Talking about the rapid increase in exchange rates, Güral pointed that their payables in dollars have increased due to this increase in the exchange rates and said: “There may be risks in collections. We warn our distributors about this.” Emphasizing that 2014 will not be an easy year, Güral said, “We, as a Group, are always cautious. We control the risks. We believe in the future of Turkey, and we will continue our investments.”


Stating that they sell 50 percent of the production in the internal market and 50 percent in the export markets, Güral said that they had to exit from certain countries due to adverse developments in the region. Regarding international markets, Güral said that they decided to exit from Iran, Iraq, Syria and Egypt due to internal disturbances in those countries and that they went to the Far East and Southern America instead.

Owning a 33 percent market share in the production of glassware in Turkey, Gürallar decided to change the name of the ArtCraft brand to LAV. The Vice President of the Board of Gürallar, Esin Güral, announced that Gürallar, producing glassware in Kutahya since 1996, decided to change the renewed corporate identity and ArtCraft brand with the name “LAV” on the way to becoming a global brand. Güral announced that ArtCraft will continue to its production operations under the LAV brand from now on. Stating that LAV aims to create a reliable, admirable style for all users, especially women, and aims to establish a strong communication with the consumers with this name, Güral said that they project to increase their current 33 percent market share by 10 percent in the next two years with the new brand, and by a further 3 percent in the following two years.


At a recent press conference, Güral said that the size of the glass market was 3 billion dollars and Turkey was one of the pioneers in the glass production. Güral said that the Company produces up to 2 million pieces per day in two factories located on a total area of 300,000 sqm in Kutahya, and said: “Our company, which destroyed the monopoly in Turkey, ranks sixth among world’s top producers.”


Explaining that they export to 130 countries with 2,600 product items in total, Güral said, “We have a solid and strong potential reaching the future in this sector. We have decided to redefine our identity to make the best of this potential and to take customer satisfaction one step further. You must renew to be strong and lasting in the future.” Talking about their belief that LAV will also empower marketing activities, Güral said, “Today, consumer expectations are very high. They expect maximum benefit from the brand they use. LAV will help us easily meet this tendency and measure expectations quickly.”